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Cliff freeman group leads

Opening More Doors. Closing More Deals.

Mastering the art of online lead acquisition early in his career helped lead Cliff to becoming one of the top agents in the country. Now he’s putting that winning formula to work for you.

Curating Leads. Cultivating Prospects.

Leverage a $500,000 annual marketing budget to your advantage with high-quality leads distributed to support your personal initiatives.

Plus remember, you’ll get a free membership with the #1 KV Core CRM to nurture those leads through every stage of the consideration cycle.

“You’ll be provided a steady flow of leads from me along with expert strategies on how to generate even more business for yourself. I want to give you everything you’ll ever need to become the go-to agent in your market. Every system. Every instruction. Every piece of technology and support.”– Cliff Freeman

Happy Agent + Happy Client

The Cliff Freeman Group does more than give you the world. We provide a host of benefits to your customers… and that makes everyone happy.

  • Buyers Advantage Program

    Our buyers in this program have a love your home guarantee! They love their home or we sell it for free!

  • Builder Trade-up Policy

    We charge no listing fee for those who sell their home and purchase their trade-up home with us.

  • Everyday Open Houses

    We cater to buyers driving the neighborhood with immediate showings.

  • On-Time Closings

    Our team of experts works together seamlessly to make sure you are protected and you close ON TIME!

  • We Sell It or We Buy It

    We provide layer after layer of confidence with the listing of each home.

  • Deluxe 360 Client Moving Van

    We are even here to help our Deluxe 360 client get pre-packed or moved in.

Deluxe 360 Complimentary Loaner Truck

Got Five Minutes?

Learn Cliff’s top five tips for closing more leads and opening the door to more sales.