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eXp eXplained

  • Quick Overview of the eXp brokerage “model”

    Check out this 10 minute overview of the eXp Model and how we are turning the traditional brokerage owned business on it’s head and turning our agents into owners!

  • The Model Explained in More Detail

    Did that quick video get your attention? Click here to view this longer video that will really get your excitement maxed out! Once you see it, you can’t unsee it!

    Did you know that you are not limited to bringing only your residential agent friends along, but we also have commercial too!

  • How we are different……

    In this diagram comparison video, it will lay out in detail how traditional brokerages are set up today, and how they’re not aligned. eXp Realty has modernized the brokerage model and created an equal opportunity for all agents.

  • eXp eXplained – Commercial Agents

    Did you know that we also have eXp for commercial agents? Click here to view to view eXp explained for commercial agents.

eXp Coverage Map

You are not limited to agents in your market, but you can bring friends all over the US and other countries too! At eXp, we’re thrilled to be one of the fastest growing real estate brokerages in US history. Our cloud based brokerage coupled with innovative technology will help us achieve our goal of opening 3 new countries each year.

Check Out These Success Stories From a Few Agents on Our Team

  • Meet Deidre Watson, superstar agent in her first year with The Cliff Freeman Group! You have GOT to hear her story! While pursuing her career in cosmetology, Deidre was inspired by HGTV’s House Hunters and real estate sales. She earned her real estate license in 2008, just in time for the real estate crash. After only one sale and one lease, she QUIT – left the business, realizing that it wasn’t as easy as HGTV portrayed it!

    Fast forward to 2015, Deidre becomes the proud mother of son Lincoln while managing her salon. Then, the real estate bug bit once again, and Deidre resurrected her real estate license, this time with a renewed determination as a single mother. Unfortunately, her results were the same. Then, in September of 2019, Deidre joined The Cliff Freeman Group and began to receive the training, coaching, and leads she needed to crush her first “real” year in the business. Deidre and Lincoln have become a Mom-Son duo and are blazing a wide trail, setting sales records along the way!

  • In his FIRST MONTH, Gary Bale pended 3 contracts for nearly $1 million! Winner of the Script Certification Challenge, Gary crushes the phone to go through clients’ objections like a warm knife through butter! Gary shares his TIPS, TRICKS, and TACTICS as a NEW AGENT to blow away the competition! While Gary is still relatively new to the real estate industry, it was a natural progression from his 35+-year retail career. Gary enjoys absolutely every bit of working in real estate, from the home buying to the selling progress. Working with clients each day has been a joy for Gary, who especially enjoys getting to know clients and learning what they are searching for in their perfect new home, next investment property, or simply, the next chapter of their lives. He is just as excited for his clients when they find their new perfect home, as they are.

  • Hear from Markee Groves, Superstar First-Year Agent with The Cliff Freeman Group! Sales is in her DNA! Markee developed her love for sales at the tender age of 18. Starting her career with AT&T she eventually moved on to Harley Davidson where she dominated the Internet sales force making over 100 calls a day!

    Now, on her way to capping her very first year in Real Estate, Markee is paying it forward by leading weekly training and coaching for her fellow agents in the MegaeXpansion Workman Success Coaching Program.

    But the road to success was not easy… Markee was laid off from 2 previous sales jobs, arriving from Colorado to Texas without two nickels to rub together. Listen to Markee describe her intense drive to survive and then thrive through the tough times! On her way to capping in her very first year, Markee tells all in this episode.

  • The recent addition to the powerhouse Cliff Freeman Group, Andre Polk will amaze you with not only his background, knowledge, and huge heart that has propelled him to one of the fastest partners out of the gate in the history of TCFG! THE FIRST HALF OF HIS FIRST YEAR WITH TCFG

    $4.5 million in closed transactions $650,000 under contract A growing and healthy pipeline of over 20 motivated, qualified buyers and sellers with plans to buy or sell this year! A former college basketball standout with an MBA in Strategic Leadership, Andre plays real estate agent to another level. After successful stints with IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and Google (holy cow, are you impressed yet?) where he blew away his sales goals in enterprise software, he turned his sights on making his dent in the residential real estate universe.

Exp Highlights From 2020

View some of eXp’s accomplishments and statistics from the past year.