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About Cliff

Find Your Freedom

Cliff defines success as Financial Freedom, Time Freedom, and Location Freedom. Being able to do whatever you want to do with whomever you want to do it and whenever you want to do it!

Welcome friends, glad you’re here. Because you know what? Its time to get your house in order! I want to help you develop the right mindset, prepare you to work for your wealth, protect your money, be smart about taking risks, and expect to fail sometimes. You’ve got to be willing to never stop learning, put your money to work, minimize your taxes, invest in mentorship and be grateful. Let’s start out though with a little bit about yours truly…

Cliff’s Story

In the early part of the Great Recession, I found myself a recently divorced single father with two young children. I had nothing saved in the bank and bleak prospects for making money with the economy and housing market in the tank. Even worse, my family had no place to live. Read More

At the age of 46, following a devastating divorce and becoming a single dad, I ended up having to move back in with my mother to be her caregiver. I was faced with figuring out how to take care of her and my kids in what turned out to be the worst economy since the Great Depression.

After four extremely challenging years, my mother passed away.

It was a grim time for me… my situation seemed impossible. Already in a desperate place, it looked like things were only going to get worse. I had two choices at the time: give up or keep fighting.

I chose to fight.

Maybe that’s where you are right now.

As with most fights, it wasn’t easy and at times I wasn’t sure I would make it. But, I knew I couldn’t give in to my fears and kept moving forward. Within a couple of years of working my tail off in real estate, I also began a coaching career.  Thankfully, I was selling homes consistently and other agents were starting to hire me to teach them to do the same thing.

My approach was radically different from what others were doing at the time and it still is today. More and more people began wanting to work with me… as I continued to build my own personal business producing solid consistent income.

And then amazingly… our results kept getting better each year.

During this time, I also mastered online lead generation while partnering  with even more rockstar agents across North America. And by the time the market started trending upward in 2013, I had built one of the most successful virtual real estate teams in DFW with an extended family of agents in other states and Canada.

Today, I oversee an enterprise that gives me the freedom to sell houses only when I want to, and instead to spend time doing the things I love. I live in my dream home and I spend time with the people whom I love whenever I want to.

In fact, I have a consistent seven-figure residual income that shows up every month without me having to lift a finger to keep it coming in.

I am the true CEO of my business. Let me show you how to be the CEO of yours!

Cliff Freeman, Jr

Believe Me,
the Numbers Add Up

The more you do something, the better you get. And the better you do something, well, the more money you can make. (And the more people you can help.)


years as a
professional coach.


years of real estate and mortgage experience.


agents on our team


top real estate professionals coached in North America.


thriving agents in the MegaeXpansion family and growing every day.


in real estate sold.

“I’m looking for a select few individuals to work with personally. Just one or two good agents in each market to partner with and build the type of business in your area that develops significant generational wealth.”– Cliff Freeman

It All Starts With A Plan.

With the Cliff Freeman Group, you’ll have access to a proven system backed by more than a decade of successful results. All easy to implement with step-by-step instructions outlined to work for you no matter what market you sell homes in.

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