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Exp Advantage

There’s No Place Like eXp

Feel empowered with an opportunity to manage your own business,
while still having the backing and support from a global family of agents
thriving together off each other’s success.

  • #1 Fastest Growth In Transactions

  • #1 Top Independent Brokerage Nationally

  • Over 85,000 Agents Worldwide

Earn Passive Income with The Greatest Of Ease

Take advantage of an aggressive revenue sharing program that rewards you with a percentage of sales from every agent you bring to the team plus every agent they bring to eXp up to seven levels down. If you’re looking to start building generational wealth for your family, there’s truly no better way as a real estate professional.

Unlocking Multi-Agent Revenue Share

Annual Revenue Share

Your share of each commission until capped

Personally sponsored agents

Tier 1 Personally Sponsored

Up to $2,800.00 capping agent


Any # of Agents

Tier 2 Sponsored by Tier 1

Up to $3,200.00 capping agent


5 Agents

Tier 3 Sponsored by Tier 2

Up to $2,000.00


10 Agents

Tier 4 Sponsored by Tier 3

Up to $1,200.00 capping agent


15 Agents

Tier 5 Sponsored by Tier 4

Up to $800.00 capping agent


20 Agents

Tier 6 Sponsored by Tier 5

Up to $2,000.00 capping agent


25 Agents

Tier 7 Sponsored by Tier 6

Up to $4,000.00 capping agent


40 Agents

Keep 80-100% of Your Commissions & Enjoy a Low $16,000 Company Cap at eXp *Talk to Cliff about 100% Commissions

Real Stories. Real Success.

I’ve been working with Cliff for the past 4 years and he has consistently helped me double my business every year, from $125,000 in GCI my first year to over $1 million this past year. I now have a team of 5 agents with an Inside Sales Agent, and my goal is to hit $2 million GCI for 2021!

Cliff Changed My Life

Cliff and I met when he started coaching my team in 2015. Within two years, he helped grow our team from $40 million in Sales to over $120 million. We are now business partners and I am no longer in production, and enjoy a 6 figure yearly passive income stream thanks to Cliff!

Generous Stock Options

Earn valuable EXPI stocks with ease! Anyone can purchase EXPI stock through their brokerage or retirement accounts, but Cliff Freeman Group agents are in a unique position because they are able to participate in the eXp stock purchase plan and/or opportunities to receive stock awards each year simply by selling real estate!

  • Comprehensive Healthcare

    At the Cliff Freeman Group, your well-being is our priority. That’s why we partner with eXp to offer you and your family reasonably priced, high-quality healthcare benefits starting the first month you enroll as a member of the team.

  • Generous Stock Options

    We offer every agent the opportunity to become a shareholder and truly benefit in the upside of our company’s amazing growth and success. In fact, earn automatic bonus options for key milestones like closing your first transaction and more.

  • Retirement Planning

    Most agents have no retirement plan! Through the stock purchase program, generational wealth that can be handed down through the willable revenue share program, and other programs, The Cliff Freeman Group has an exit plan that’s right for you!

Compare the Two
and You’ll Find
There’s Really
No Comparison


Traditional Brokerage

eXp Realty

Top-down incentive structure

Agent-centric model

Founder or franchise owner benefits

Agent-owned brokerage

Limited profit sharing

Revenue sharing not profit sharing

You have zero ownership

Equity ownership awards

Capital intensive with brick & mortar

Lower splits and fees, no office expenses

Training at set times and locations

On-demand plus live training

You have to go into the office for help

Real-time cloud support

Limited bandwidth to grow

Revenue sharing (not profit sharing)

Little to no software support

Top lead generation platform and much more

No real retirement plan

Grow locally, nationally and internationally

Got Five Minutes?

Learn Cliff’s top five tips for closing more leads and opening the door to more sales.